In the wee hours of the morning on 1/13/2013 a woman of incredibe strength, determinaton and heart succumbed to the effects of cancer.

My Aunt Liz has parted from the body that housed her spirit. A body that endured tremendous pain in the last four years of her life. She’s now at peace. Most likely having plenty of laughs with her father, mother and brother.

It’s those of us still here who have the challenging task of celebrating her life while missing her terribly. And it’s not only those of us related by blood who share in that grief.  Liz was beloved by so many people and the love she showed to others came back two-fold. Neighbors, friends and those she welcomed with open arms are family too. She’s “Grandma Liz” with a readiness to spoil children and offer life advice when needed.

A woman of such spirit will continue on in some fashion. Whether enjoying the grace of Heaven, journeying on into her next life, or hanging around for a little while to wrap us in comfort.

I love you Aunt Liz. You’re fiery spirit left an indelible impression on my life as I’m certain it’s done for so many others. May you rest, relax and enjoy the peace then continue on and relish the freedom. You’ve earned it!